What is Kipinä? 

Kipinä Productions is a production company with expertise in the fields of arts and music education. We provide services in event production and administration as well as audience engaging and art education programs for all kinds of cultural organizations, both governmental and NGOs.

Kipinä plans, creates and produces custom-made education programs and events, takes part in arts education projects as a pedagogical expert, and manages administration and event production of different cultural organizations.

Engaging audiences

Working in all fields of arts, Kipinä Productions provides a broad selection of services for audience engaging, from brainstorming and planning to production, leading workshops and hosting events. With our help cultural institutions can find new audiences and develop their way of working towards more interaction with their audience. For example, we could develop the organization’s every-day work, help to execute its existing plans, provide further education to the staff, or create and produce a ready-made package concept, tailored especially to meet the customer’s needs.

In audience engaging, we use a wide set of pedagogical solutions and working methods depending on the group and the goals and resources of the customer organization. Possible working forms include workshops, visits, meetings with artists, or a longer pedagogical process concluded in a concert, show or an exhibition. To support this work, Kipinä also creates teaching material for schools and other institutions.

Kipinä Productions has co-operated with many professional orchestras and cultural institutions in Finland, such as the Helsinki Music Centre, University of the Arts Helsinki, the Finnish and Helsinki Baroque Orchestras, St. Michel Strings, Vaasa and Seinäjoki City Orchestras, Vantaa Pops Orchestra, Jyväskylä Sinfonia, Tapiola Choir and the Finnish Soloists’ Association.

Production and administration services

Kipinä Productions provides a wide range of services in production and administration to a variety of institutions: associations, foundations, education institutions, festivals, and even to individual artists.

We specialize in production work that demands a high level of pedagogical and/or artistic expertise, such as planning and producing concerts and other events, arts education projects, as well as related selling, marketing, media relations and contracts.

Many of our customers have also outsourced their administration to Kipinä, including preparing meetings, taking care of paperwork, secretarial services, organizing financial administration, etc. We negotiate the service package with each customer individually, allowing the customers to concentrate on their own work and essential substance.

Further education for professionals

Kipinä also provides training and education for professionals in the field of arts and culture. We are working in areas such as using improvisation, artistic interaction and other creative methods in teaching musical instruments, pedagogics for pop&jazz groups, methods in audience engaging and using technology in music teaching.

We also work with schools and music education institutions to develop their education, and are gradually broadening the selection of possible education fields, based on our customers’ needs and wishes. 

Contact information

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